One of the best treatments I can suggest is Pre-birth acupuncture.  This is a course of weekly treatments during the last 4 weeks of your pregnancy.  


The aim of these treatments is to:

  • prepare the pelvis and cervix for the coming labour,

  • ensure that your energy is well balanced and at an optimal level,

  • make sure that the baby is properly positioned, and

  • provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere for you in the last weeks of your pregnancy


The benefits of routine Pre-birth acupuncture include:

  • spontaneous labour around your expected due date,

  • more efficient labour, and

  • optimising your chance of having the natural birth that you want.


So, from week 35 onwards I would highly recommend that you make friends with your local acupuncturist!

For some great research on all things in pregnancy that acupuncture is useful for, please visit Debra Betts very informative website. 

Debra is a highly respected Midwife and Acupuncturist.

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